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Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. What is ASDSP?

The Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) is a sector wide programme implemented by the Government of Kenya in collaboration with stakeholders in the sector. It is designed to facilitate the implementation of the Agriculture Sector Support Strategy (ASDS) 2010-2020.


  1. What does ASDSP do?

ASDSP is a support programme whose primary operational role is to convene, facilitate and coordinate the collective action of stakeholders. ASDSP only engages in direct implementation in cases whereby other actors are not able address identified bottlenecks


  1. What are the interventions areas of ASDSP?

The programme has three intervention areas:

  • Improvement in sector coordination and creating enabling policy and institutional frameworks for the realization of the ASDS.
  • Strengthening of the environmental resilience and social inclusion in value chain development.
  • Promotion of viable and equitable commercialization of the agricultural sector through value chain development.


  1. What is ASDSP coverage?

ASDSP is a national programme covering the 47 Counties.


  1. Who are the sponsors of ASDSP?
  • Government of Kenya
  • Government of Sweden


  1. Who are the ASDSP target group?

Youth, male, female engaged in various activities along the value chain.


  1. What is a value chain?

A value chain is the sequence of related business activities in a commodity and relationships between the actors in the chain. The value chain extends from the provision of inputs for a product to primary production, transformation, marketing, and up to consumption.


  1. What is a Value chain actor?

One who engages in one particular value chain either in production, processing or marketing.


  1. How can I become a value chain actor?

By engaging in a particular value chain say dairy, poultry, onions, tomatoes production, marketing, processing etc.


  1. What are Micro-level actors?

These are key actors in the value chain core processes from production to consumption. They include; input suppliers, producers, fisher folk, pastoralist groups, middlemen, market traders, wholesalers, processors and consumers.


  1. Who are Meso-level actors or supporters?

They refer to the public and private partners who offer essential support to the value chain core processes by providing services such as financial, extension, research among others


  1. Who are Macro-level actors or enablers?

These are a country’s formal (legislation or laws) or informal (cultural practices, business cartels) institutions that facilitate or limit the development of the value chain at different levels.


  1. What is a value Chain Platform (VCP)?

It is membership of value chain actors undertaking a particular enterprise.


  1. Are there specific enterprises for ASDSP value chain development?

    Enterprises for value chain development are County specific and identified by County stakeholders