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Partnerships formation with relevant stakeholders is the way to go in the current

dispensation of pluralism, networking and synergy enhancement. The Program’s collaborative, facilitative and partnership-based intervention approach is based on consensus between collaborators and partners and ASDSP conforms to the sector-wide approach adopted by the Government of Kenya and its development partners in its overall goal to support the transformation of the country’s agricultural sector into an innovative, commercially oriented, competitive and modern industry that contributes to poverty reduction and improved food security in rural and urban Kenya.


Partners work together to advance their mutual interests by sharing financial and other resources. They define roles for each partner based on mutual assessment of what each party does best. There is need for conscious effort by all partners to build and nurture their partnerships for sustainability and achievement of the mutual interest and goals.


ASDSP engages with different categories of partners in the effort to develop value chains both at the national and county levels. Greater achievement is seen in the extended concepts where more than 50 partners have been engaged in implementation of three extended concepts per county except for Nandi and Bomet counties that have four.


For more details see the partnership operational Guidelines booklet that provides basic definitions of concepts used in the context of partnership management and provides valuable information on how to enter into viable partnerships.