Cabinet Secretary, MOAL&F, Launch address

Makueni Incubation Centre Initiative Launch


Our Purpose

To Develop Sustainable Priority Value Chains for Improved income, food and nutrition security.

Key problems of Focus

ASDSP II addresses four key problems that hinder commercialization of agriculture i.e. Low productivity along the entire Priority Value Chain (PVC), - Inadequate entrepreneurial skills along Priority Value chains and among service providers, -Low access to markets by Value Chain Actors (VCAs) and Weak and inadequate structures and capacities for consultation, cooperation and coordination within the Sector.

Overall Goal

The overall goal of ASDSP II is to contribute to “transformation of crop, livestock and fishery production into commercially oriented enterprises that ensure sustainable food and nutrition security.

The outcome Areas

Major outcomes are - Productivity of the priority Value Chain Increased, Entrepreneurship skills of priority value chain Actors strengthened, Access to markets by priority Value chain Actors improved, Structures and capacities for consultation, coordination and cooperation in the sector strengthened
Low productivity along the whole value chain was identified as one of the key barriers to commercialization of the Sector affecting VCAs at all levels and manifested in low levels of production, irregular supply of traded value chain commodities, high levels of post-production losses, little value addition as well as high prices of inputs and low prices of products
ASDSP II in consultation with partners will approach its financial support to VCD interventions as ‘investments’. All VC analysis, planning and interventions will be based on thorough market analysis and business planning that increases income and leads towards commercialisation. Identification of business opportunities including green growth will be strongly on the agenda. Greater efforts will also be put in nurturing agri- based SMEs through an incubation process This is expected to result in a higher proportion of value chains actors focusing their enterprises on profitability and financial viability envisioning more significant growth and development of institutionalised agri- based enterprises.
ASDSP II will address barriers that have hindered market access to all VCAs through support to “soft” market access interventions, e.g. facilitating market linkages, improved market information and targeted marketing. This will specifically include support to improving farm gate marketing through collaboration with companies, cooperatives, individuals and eco- branding compliant products and services. Market intelligence systems will be established particularly at the incubation centers.

Captured Moments


Major milestones and achievements to Date.

Value Chains

Value Chain Actors

The number of Value Chain Actors.

Value Chain Organisations

The Number of Value Chain Organisations aggregated and formed in all the 47 Counties.

Extended Services & Systems

The services supporting Value Chain Development

Visualization of Baseline Survey

A web based information system with easily accessible baseline data and information on ASDSP programme related indicators against which the programme performance and impact is measured as specified in the programme document and logframe.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Computer based management information System that assists the programme in collection, storage, retrieval, communication and use of data for purpose of efficient and effective implementation of the programme

Incubation Centers Initiatives

National Farmers Information Services (NAFIS)

NAFIS is a comprehensive information service, intended to serve farmers' needs throughout the country including the rural areas where internet access is limited.

Agricultural Sector Partners Association (ASPA)

Is a registered Association with the overall objective of mobilizing partners at all levels to support and advocate for the transformation of Kenya’s Agriculture sector

Value Chain Development Micro Sites


Public Service Excellence Awards (PSEA) scheme ceremony at KICC, Nairobi held on the 8th December 2017. The Chief Guest His Excellency, Deputy President Mr. William Ruto awarding certificate to MOALF staff

Official Ceremony on the public Service Excellence Awards (PSEA) scheme, at Kenyatta International Convention Centre Tsavo Ball room on the 8th December 2017


Technical Evaluation of proposal for Technical Assistance (TA) and Rolling Audit (RA)

Sensitization Workshop on ASDSP II for County Chief Officers, Finance and Incharge of ASDSP II implementation, ASDSP County Co-ordinators, NPS, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, COGs, and JAS