Cabinet Secretary, MOAL&F, Launch address

Makueni Incubation Centre Initiative Launch


Our Purpose

To increase equitable income, employment and improved food security of male and female target groups as a result of improved production and productivity in the rural small-holder farm and off-farm sectors.

Our Focus

Commercialization of agribusiness and market development activities of the agriculture sector. Especially at the smallholder level, will contribute to increased farm productivity and incomes; improve the availability of food in both rural and urban areas and enhance the sector's contribution to the overall national economy.

Our Objective

•Establishment of inclusive sector-wide coordination. • Harmonizing mechanisms amount the various implementing institutions & Development Partners. • Facilitate creation of enabling institutional & policy framework essential to ASDS goals.

The Components

Major components are - Sector Coordination, Environmental Resilience and Social Inclusion as well as Value Chain Development
This supports the establishment of an inclusive institutional framework for improved agricultural sector coordination and an enabling policy and institutional environment for the realization of the Agricultural sector Development strategy (ASDS).
It supports interventions aimed at ensuring that efforts to strengthen priority value chains are environmentally sound and resilient to climate fluctuations, and that women, youth and economically and socially vulnerable groups are able to participate effectively in and benefit from the improved value chains.
Key issue here is commercialization of the agricultural sector. This is achieved through strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of prioritized value chains through establishment of operational partnerships and strengthening of horizontal and vertical value chain (VC) stakeholder bodies at the County and cross-County levels.

Captured Moments


Major milestones and achievements to Date.

Value Chains

Value Chain Actors

The number of Value Chain Actors.

Value Chain Organisations

The Number of Value Chain Organisations aggregated and formed in all the 47 Counties.

Extended Services & Systems

The services supporting Value Chain Development

Visualization of Baseline Survey

A web based information system with easily accessible baseline data and information on ASDSP programme related indicators against which the programme performance and impact is measured as specified in the programme document and logframe.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Computer based management information System that assists the programme in collection, storage, retrieval, communication and use of data for purpose of efficient and effective implementation of the programme

Incubation Centers Initiatives

National Farmers Information Services (NAFIS)

NAFIS is a comprehensive information service, intended to serve farmers' needs throughout the country including the rural areas where internet access is limited.

Agricultural Sector Partners Association (ASPA)

Is a registered Association with the overall objective of mobilizing partners at all levels to support and advocate for the transformation of Kenya’s Agriculture sector

Value Chain Development Micro Sites


Public Service Excellence Awards (PSEA) scheme ceremony at KICC, Nairobi held on the 8th December 2017. The Chief Guest His Excellency, Deputy President Mr. William Ruto awarding certificate to MOALF staff

Official Ceremony on the public Service Excellence Awards (PSEA) scheme, at Kenyatta International Convention Centre Tsavo Ball room on the 8th December 2017